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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

See you at the funfair: candyfloss, lollipops and lemons

We're off to the fairground with these carnival style summer picks! Capturing the candy cool atmosphere of the funfair, the carousels and teacups, lollipops and circus themed rides, we're just set to experience the thrill! It may not be pennies for the rides anymore but our retro wonders are definitely taking us back to the good old days...

The longer days and nicer weather (okay, so we meant ten minutes of sun in-between downpours!) mean you can kit yourself out in kitch and ride that helter skelter in style! Our Gold Shell Clutch oozes the vintage glamour of those 1920s circus girls, paired with the Lucas Jack Gold Star Cuff and you'll be glittering with gold, flapper style. We know our Lemon Print Playsuit will look oh-so-cute at the coconut shy, and our Lolly Pop Print Prom Dress matches the sweet scent of cotton candy and will have the crowd oohing and aahing underneath the big wheel!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Flapper girl for a day: RMV does the movies

Our very own Marie recently took part as an extra in the filming of an independent project run by the production company Six O's Studio, where she spent the day masquerading as a flirty flapper! Located in a 1920s cafe beautifully named 'The Cafe Wisteria', the scene is set for hero Peter Pendragon to meet the love of his life, who also happens to be his nemesis...

An array of fringing and feathers, glimmering sequins, twenties props and luxurious beading decorated the glorious scene. It was a lavish trip back in time to the opulent elegance of the jazz age, with every actor head-to-toe in Gatsby style glamour and the location adorned with all of the flapper era extravagance you could ever dream of. Our flapper dress and diamante clutch bag totally complimented the dazzling decadence of the scene.

You can find further information about Six O's Studio over on their Twitter. Check out photos from the day below...

This Wilbur and Gussie Edith Clutch adds that extra shimmer to our fringe flapper dresses


Headpieces by Nevermore Boutique

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Fall in love with ice cool candy - your perfect wedding outfit!

Go on...say 'I do' to the most chic wedding outfit with our Wedding Shop collection. We know it's probably the biggest wedding ever ever ever, and you want to look the most fairest in all of the land, but don't fret, we've got it all worked out. Just head over and check out our wedding guest dresses, we've even got mother of the bride sorted, you know...'cos we like to keep all the leading ladies happy!

Brides! Yes you! Fixing up your bridesmaids has never been easier with all of our embellished maxi dresses, pretty prom dresses and elegant flapper dresses. Why not choose this sugary sweet combo of candy cool accessories teamed up with our brand spanking new Pink Art Deco Maxi Dress? We guarantee this outfit will make your bride squad stand out and sparkle...not taking attention away from the beautiful bride, of course!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Your festival survival guide - 5 essentials

1. The maxi.
You'll be thanking us for this when you're trying to get changed in the smallest tent around. Check out our maxi dress collection, they're super comfy to wear...if you haven't got one, you need one!

2. The wide brimmed hat.
Protect your head with 1970s sass...our summer hats will be best mates with all of your festival outfits!

3. Waterproof mascara.
An absolute essential. Panda eyes look cute, on pandas.

4. Dry shampoo.
What else keeps your hair looking nice and bouncy after 3 days of dirt?

5. The backpack.
This staple accessory is totally practical and can also be super stylish! On par with the shoulder bag, a festival favourite, this will see you all the way through the season. Who wants to be trudging back to the tent every few hours?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Clueless - Top 5 Style Essentials

1. The striped sweater
Oh yes. This is what we're talking about, total Spice Girl sass. All those nostalgic feels! Taking classic 60s design and jazzing it up, 90s style.

2. The belly top
Yup. We loved these. What better way to show off your mid-riff than a Gwen Stefani style bralet top paired with a stretch choker (and you can totally grab yourself one on our website!)

3.The beret
The bad-hair-day saviour! Parisian cool teamed with plaid is just what we want from the 90s...we can remember having a few of these in all the colours...

4. The fluffy pen
Yes, we know it's stationery, but we think the fluffy pen is uber 90s! It totally captures the era of drink can pencil cases, glitter tubes and gel pens. We can accessorise at WH Smith can't we?!

5. The knee high socks
Another example of the naughty nineties stealing from the swinging sixties! We're a big fan of the dolly look, so go on rock it!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Glam-ping. The low down on this season's coolest festival trend.

The ripped shorts and Hunter welly combo has long been our go-to for festival style and we still love this look. However, this season festival fashion is about to get a red carpet make over!

Think full on embellished maxi dresses teamed with mud splattered wellies and OTT headbands. We know, it sounds a little scary but, we have been thinking about it, and Glamping is the new camping so why not have the dress to match your festival lifestyle?!

Here is how we think it will work:

Pick a long vintage style dress with plenty of bling but one that still has a bohemian vibe to work that festival style.

This pink embellished maxi dress is perfect as it brings a summer colour way but glimmers glamour with the beading. (It also has a side split which is ideal for mud-trudging!)

Add essential festival accessories to tone down the look:

Try a fringed bag or a tough leather shoulder bag and always add a vintage style headband to get a boho vibe that would have the Olsen girls running back to the dressing room to try again.

Remember, festivals are all about freedom and fun, so once you have embraced this glam-ping overhaul, accept that you will still end up knee deep in mud with a butterfly painted on your face, drinking warm cider from a paper cup....and thank goodness it will still be so :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

#WeddingWednesday The Bridesmaid Edit: Boudoir

We're channelling Daisy Buchanan with this week's Bridesmaid Edit, think Gastby style glamour from the bedroom to the ball. Our brand spanking new Pink Scalloped Flapper Dress makes the perfect bridesmaid dress for your leading ladies, teamed up with our Pink Art Deco Clutch Bag and Rose Gold Hair Comb it's sure to dazzle! Complete the look with a shimmery flapper headband like our glitzy 1920s Style Silver Headband and your girls are all set for the big day!