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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Dos and Don'ts For Your Wedding Day


  •             Practice your first dance! Although most of us would like to think we look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts on the dance floor the reality is we'll probably end up doing an awkward shuffle! Never the less, try your moves out first in the privacy of your own home to get a feel for it. You may surprise yourselves and feel more comfortable when the big moment comes!

  •             Ask your partner what they want to include in the wedding. It sounds obvious but you can get so swept away with the day itself that you forget to include the things that represent you as a couple.

  •             Make your own decorations! Not only will you save money, you'll appreciate the little details all the more. They'll become a talking point for your family for years to come and will make everyone feel included in the preparations. Why not make the most of Auntie Kath's sewing knowledge  or put your sisters legendary cake baking skills to the test?

  •            Be on time! A lot of brides make the mistake of thinking that it's fashionable to be a little late for your wedding but be warned! This will mess up the rest of timings for the day . Just remember no one wants to wait too long before they get some bubbly and food down them!

  •            Most of all remember to have FUN!


  •             Get too hung up on tradition! It's not the end of the world if you don't opt for a white wedding dress, invest in a fruit cake slathered in icing or if you pass out on your wedding night. Do whatever makes you happy and you'll have a much better time for it.

  •             Don't sweat the small stuff! Not EVERYTHING has to be perfect... you'll spend the whole time worrying that your favours don't match the napkin rings that'll you'll forget to have fun.

  •             Try and add a fancy, jaw-dropping move to your first dance that neither of you can do. It's an accident waiting to happen.

  •           Try a radical new look just before the day. Experimenting with your styles is always fun but there is a time and place, and  your wedding day certainly isn't one of them!

  •         Get so drunk that you end up giving a totally inappropriate speech , rip your dress or end up spewing all down the aisle. I suppose it goes without saying really...

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Get Personal! Individual Wedding Day Style...

Wedding season is now amongst us and we are simply astounded by all the cute and creative ways in which people celebrate their special day. Having observed  this we have come to the conclusion that planning a wedding is a perfect occasion to showcase your personal style and the special unique things that tie you together as a couple. Whether it's a centre piece that reaches skyscraper proportions for a extravagant pair or painted jam jars for an  artistic duo, the important thing is to enjoy the next stage your new life together.  

(Feature) Paper Feathers: Lia Griffith, Glitter Balloons: You & Your Wedding, Glitter Donuts: Pink The Town

When it comes to decor we are totally in love with these quirky fun pieces that don't take themselves too seriously but still exude elegance and class! The handmade feather garland has a hippy vibe which would appeal to almost any bohemian bride and the glitter balloons add some playful decadence to the occasion without looking over-formal. And who wouldn't love these glitter-covered donuts?

(Feature) Garland:, Yarn Ball: @beckiapril Instagram

Another tip to make your day totally unique and special (as well as more affordable...just saying) is to make some of the decorations or items yourselves. Not only will no one else have them, you will appreciate the affect all the more after you've spent a whole day making multitudes of bunting! 

The white wedding dress is not for everyone. In this day and age sometimes it's nice to break tradition and go for something that feels more you! For those of you who love the 1920s this Nude Beaded Maxi Dress would make the ideal showstopper.  With its layers upon layers of pretty tulle, figure hugging bodice and intricate embellishment you'll certainly be dressed beautifully for the occasion. For your hair you could always go for something like our Gold Gatsby Hair Comb with its iridescent pearl detailing and shimmering diamante. Just pop it behind your chignon for a elegant touch! 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Gatsby Glamour For Your Big Day!

When it comes to wedding planning, why not get inspired by the glamour of The Great Gatsby and opt for a 1920s opulent occasion? There's nothing better than Art Deco styling, glittering accessories and sparkly styling to make your day feel really special.  We simply love an event that involves vintage headpieces, blinging ball gowns and dapper looking chaps! Whether your attending as a guest or perhaps a baddass bridesmaid, these beauties will help you sparkle and shine bright on the big day!

Feature: &
 Styling is key! We are rendered speechless by how gorgeous this gramophone centre piece looks...perfect for a pretty authentically vintage vibe!

  For the beautiful bride to be or bridesmaid there is a stylish selection of new in embellished flapper dresses , just screaming to be taken for a spin on the dance floor! Flapper girls certainly knew how to have fun, so embody their attitude and kick start the event with a jazzy number your guests can Charleston too! 

From the exquisite beading on our Silver Gatsby Dress to the tantalising tassels on our navy beaded number you'll certainly exude elegance and style. Finish off the look with some chic vintage accessories like our Silver Art Deco Clutch or our Gold Pearl Flapper Headband.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How Would You Pop The Question?

As some of you may be aware, yesterday was in fact  National Proposal Day! People from all across the country use this as an opportunity to propose or hint to their significant other that they are thinking along the lines of marriage bells! We thought we'd celebrate by rounding up our favourite ways to pop the question!


Wow an offer of macaroons and matrimony! What more could you ask for? We'd say this bodes well for a happy future together :).

Feature: The Awesome Daily

Now this is certainly one way to get their attention and anyone else in the vicinity! We love the effort that has gone into this proposal plan. 


Put a ring on it with the help of the trusty family pet! Overloading them with cuteness can only be a good thing...


Winning them round with sweets. We like! What a thoughtful touch. 


 Shell-shocked would be an understatement! What a fabulously unique idea for any beach babes or marine men amongst us :D . 

For those of you who are already there...we have a phenomenal collection of bridesmaid dresses, ball gowns for the alternative bride and Art Deco ornate accessories. From beaded flapper dresses like this Silver Gatsby Dress for a chic 1920s affair to flirty 1950s style numbers for wedding guests we will help you achieve the look of your dreams...


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Flourishing Fashions! Best Looks This Spring Season!


We adore Spring and all the flower power prints it brings! It is quite simply a immensely upbeat season and inherently the fashions seem to reflect this tremendously buoyant mood. The 70s boho spirit seems to live on in beautiful beatnik dresses, houses are decorated  from ceiling to floor in bunches of daffodils  and you can't look anywhere without spotting some floral embroidery adorning accessory. 


Feature: RMV SugarhillBoutique Faye Floral Midi Shirt

This striking floral midi shirt dress makes a fab feature to your Spring/Summer wardrobe  with its eye popping print and low-key, laid-back fit. Get yours here at: .  We'd pair this with this stunning fairy-tale floral flick as it is one of our favourite make up looks to try for the upcoming warmer months. We think it'll create the ultimate sixties chick vibe and achieve a subtle yet striking effect that'll enhance your overall look!  

This beautiful blue floral maxi dress is a must have this season with its sexy side slit and gorgeous paisley print. For a flawless finish team this with our delicate flower necklace by Louche. The white shade will really pop and come into its own when contrasted against a navy blue backdrop.   


Feature: You Mean The World To Me & Feedpuzzle

Not only does the flower crown rule supreme for wedding season, it has inspired flower clusters in the form of  anklets now for those Bohemia brides amongst us. Another cool accessory to be seen for Spring are huge blooming baskets on bicycles! When the sun is shining get riding! Accessorising your bicycle with these decorative flower features creates a uber-cool vintage look. Go on...get those bikes out of the shed!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Behind The Scenes! RMV on location...

Ever wanted to know what really goes on at a glamorous fashion shoot? Be a fly on the wall and snoop all the drool-worthy clothes? Well here is your chance to take a sneaky peek at all the dedication, hard work and downright daft fun that happens whilst on location! 

The sets and backdrops don't build themselves! This one was set up by our team in a fabulous warehouse full of weird and wonderful creations.

Our fantastic photographer and model hard at work...

We don't mean to wear our models out honest! Don't let the deckchair fool you it was blooming freezing.

It's a skill to keep a straight face when you're getting flowers lobbed at you :D. Our model makes it look flawless! 

You literally never know what you're going to find next in Paul's warehouse. Who said fashion was glamorous? 

 Strike a pose! Our gorgeous new styles in action...check out our fabulous collection here.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Full On Flapper Vs A Glint of Gatsby

We just can't get enough of flapper fashion so thought we'd share with you some cool styling tips and ideas to really get into the swing of things when it comes to 1920s style! It's always fun to really go all out and mimic the authentic art deco look but you can create the same glamour and elegance by simply popping on a tassel necklace or coveting geometric shaped accessories.  

Its fun to experiment and push the boundaries with your look but here we have simply pepped up a low key, stylish evening outfit with some glamorous accessories. The trick here is to choose one dramatic statement piece like the chevron clutch and choose items that compliment it. You can create a 20s look without going over the top and it looks great to mix  some Gatsby glamour with a modern contemporary outfit.

Here we have toyed with the idea of mixing old and new by recreating a flapper girl look with this stunning pink and white dress but have selected on trend colours and silhouettes. The bright fuchsia and orange hue bring this dress up to date, along with its figure hugging fit but the textures, crystals and embellishments reflect the Hollywood glamour of the 1920s.